Edarith Taramarr

Edarith is a young lady from a minor noble family in Denerim. Skinny with long blonde hair that often falls over the left side of her face, covering one of her light blue eyes, she has a penchant for black clothes, heavy black makeup.


Physical Characteristics & Appearance & Stats:

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Weight: 9st
Height: 5ft 4in
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Light blue
Tattoos & Piercings: None
Armour: Black-dyed light leather (dyed-pink innner)
Clothes: Black circle robes (with pink inner to hood)
Hat: Black-dyed leather helm
Carrying visible: Backpack

Goals and Ties

Major Goal: Defect to the Tevinter Imperium

  • Major Goal: To make a true friend.
  • Major Goal: To create genuine creation magic capable of creating permanent object directly by magic.
  • Minor Goal: To free herself of the constraints of the Circle.
  • Tie: Her family (Father, mother & elder brother) are resident in Denerim and while she doesn’t really like them she also doesn’t want to see them harmed, or their reputation tarnished, by her actions.


  • Trade tongue
  • Dwarven
  • Ancient Tevene

Base Stats

Magic: 5 Spell power (10+magic+focus): 15 / 17
Willpower: 3
Constitution: 3
Cunning: 2
Dexterity: 2 Defense (10+dex): 12
Speed (10+dex): 12
Initiative (dex): 2
Perception: 2
Communication: 1
Strength: 0
Level: 4 XP: 10,900/11,000
Health: 47 Mana: 43
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Armour Rating: 0 / 3 Armour Penalty: 0
Strain Modifier: 0 / 1


Magic: Creation
Magic: Entropy
Communication: Etiquette
Cunning: Arcane Lore
Religious Lore
Perception: Empathy


Novice Linguistics: Learn an additional language from the following list: Ancient Tevene, Ander, Antivan, Dwarven, Elven, Orlesian, Qunlat, Rivaini, Trade Tongue.
Creation Magic (Novice): You can summon a light wisp without spending mana points. The wisp hovers near your shoulder until dismissed, illuminating a 10-yard radius around you with the brightness of a lantern. Summoning and dismissing the light wisp are free actions.


Weapon Attack bonus Range Damage
Staff +2 (dex) - 1d6+1
Shortbow +2 (dex) 16/32 1d6+3 (dex)
Arcane Lance +4 (mag) 16 1d6+4 (mag)
Special Stunt: Cast a spell immediatly following an arcane lance (3SP)


Name School Cost(+strain) Time TN Test SP Range Duration Short Desc (fail/pass SP)
Weakness Entropy 3(0/1) Maj 11 Mag (spirit) 17 (10+mag+foc) 20 dragon dice rounds -1 str & dex, -5 spd/-5spd
Shock Primal 4(0/1) Maj 13 Con (stamina) 15 (10+mag) 6yd cube - 1d6+4 (mag)/1d6 dmg
Glyph of Paralysis Creation 3(0/1) 1 Min 10 Con (stamina) 17 (10+mag+foc) 2yd radius - up to 4 (mag) glyphs, paralysed 1d3 rounds
Heal Creation 1-3(0/1) Maj 10 - - 1 person - 1-3d6 healing
Paralysis Entropy 7(0/1) Maj 16 Con (stamina) 17 (10+mag+foc) 30 encounter Paralysed, no actions, def=7/-1/4spd


  • Backpack
  • Small tent
  • Light leather armour (one boot missing, eaten by Zebbie)
  • Black circle-initiate robes
  • Waterskin
  • Belt Pouch
  • Money Pouch (9 silver and 43 copper)
  • Crow (familiar? spirit? guide? pet?)
  • Small lyrium potion (1d6+magic mana)
  • Horse


  • White teddy bear
  • Healing Kit
  • Lantern
  • Diary
  • Writing equipment (parchment, ink, quills, sealing wax, seal)
  • Make-up (primarily black)
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Dog-eared standard circle initiate textbook
  • Worn leather boots from Ostagar (Templar gave them too me anonymously)
  • 179 silver
  • 53 copper
  • Book: A History of the Chantry


Haul: 3x heavy mail, 2x 2H axes, 2x daggers, 3x shortsword.
Lemore hates spiders
Letter to chantry mother (not yet written)
Claus: “put up with a lot from you!”
Need to list heroic actions before going to the circle


Edarith is the youngest of two children born to Homfur and Edinar Taramarr some fourteen years ago in Denerim. Homfur Taramarr was born to merchant parents who traded widely across ferelden. He chaffed at the lifestyle however and left the merchant life in his early twenties, becoming a wandering sell sort, a soldier of fortune, even a bandit for a short time. He formed a close bond with a small band of other mercenaries and for a while they plied their trade as a small, but effective, mercenary band called the Yellow Fists. This all changed when the Yellow Fists were hired, and then conscripted into the Ferelden army during the xxxxx war. They were quickly promoted to positions of minor leadership and forged new recruits into a capable force. Despite this, two of the four members of the Yellow Fists we killed in the war, however after the war the surviving two took the small cadre of men that survived their battles and founded the Red Rings Mercenaries. The group quickly grew in fame and stature with men toughened by war defending merchant caravans, particularly between Demerin and Orzammar. As his wealth grew, Homfur moved up the social ladder and quickly came to the attention of those nobles in Denerim that were rich in titles, but now poor in wealth. It was only a few years later that he was wed to Edinar Marraind, the second daughter of a family distantly related to the Harrowmonts. It was four years later when Edariths brother, Edwar, was born, and a further five years before Edarith was born.

By the time she was born, the Taramarrs were a well-known, socially mobile, minor noble family with a large walled mention in a quiet area of southern Denerim. Her early childhood was happy and carefree, albeit somewhat lacking in affection and attention from her parents. Her father was focussed on the increasingly complex affairs of the Red Rings, who now numbered almost a thousand men-at-arms, and on the martial training of young Edwar who was growing up tall, strong and was showing great promise with a blade. Meanwhile her mother was busy with her horse stables and other ladies of the Denerim scene, leaving Edariths care to a series of wet-nurses, nannies and tutors. Always smart, Edarith was quiet and introverted as a child, with few close friends but few problems. At least until the magic that burned in her blood first showed itself, a few days before her tenth birthday.

It wasn’t dramatic, it wasn’t spectacular or scary or dangerous. It was a simple childs game that changed her life. Brandishing a twig from the garden as if were a fairy want, the young Edarith was chasing butterflies in the flower garden of her family estate on a sunny morning at the beginning of Bloomingtide. It would have been completely innocuous, but for the pinks, silver and purple sparks that trailed from the end of the makeshift wand she brandished. The serving girl that saw her turned pale and screamed, starling the young girl from her game, and fled into the house. Her parents quickly appeared and demanded both the truth and an explanation. With no concept of its weight, Edarith told the truth though she could offer no explanation. IT was clear from her words however that this was not the first time this, or something similar, had occurred. She was confined to her room and two days later a representative of the circle came and took her from her family, as they looked on with stony, stern faces, shedding not a tear. Edarith remembers little of the journey to the Circle Tower historically known as Kinloch Hold, lost in her tears and pain.

Life was hard for Edarith at the tower. She was placed in with her peers for lessons on History, Religion, Lore and other mundane subjects, but her lessons on magic were with the novices that arrived at the Circle about the same time as her. Most were years younger than her, a few, half her age; barely able to dress themselves. She had always found making friends difficult and the Circle was no exception. As it happened, magic came easily to her and the lessons in magic with children half her age was not the difficult bit. Nor were the chores a problem, chores that she had to learn how to do for the first time in her life. No, the real problem was loneliness, homesickness, despair and anger. Labelled as odd, different, weird, by those her own age she quickly became isolated and insular. She quickly became unruly and disruptive and puberty came her mood swings increased in frequency and severity. It was then that she began to cut herself. The sharp pain of the blade slipping across her arm was simple and clean, an addictive release mirroring the pain and loneliness she felt inside. She hid it well, taking to black clothes and long sleeved tops to hide the scars and blood until her first class on healing magic taught her a different way to hide. Despite finding the magic easy, she deliberately denied her teachers, willfully failing each measure and test, lesson upon lesson. After two years of failing achievement, disruptive behaviour and increasing wildness, the enchanters had had enough and so they undertook to highlight to Edarith the importance of their teachings and what it meant to be a mage in this world, in the hope that this would help her regain her way.

They finally settled on an unorthodox course of action; sending her out into the world, despite the fact that she has yet to face her Harrowing, for her to experience her new place in the world as a mage, to experience the prejudice and fear that even Circle mages face and to experience the responsibility that coming with wielding magic. For some of them, it was not an easy choice for they feared that she would be easily tempted, easily twisted and, perhaps most dangerous of all, they feared that the old ties of kin and kith had not yet been truly broken for her. For others the choice was no doubt easier, for the death of the young ex-noble mage at the hands of brigands or beast, or better yet at the hands of the Chantry if she turned, would not only rid them of a problem but may even prove useful in bringing the noble families of Ferelden more to their cause in their politicking with the Chantry. And so they sent messages to the Chantry and requested the services of a Templar to accompany the young Edarith in her travels, ensuring her safety on the road, and ensuring the expedient presence of a Templar it prove necessary. The negotiations were lengthy, but finally a deal was struck. They decided that Edarith should travel to Denerim with a regular caravan and there meet with a member of the Chantry whoc would ‘assist’ her in travels. Of course, they told Edarith nothing of this, anticipating her poor reaction at being ‘babysat’, instead saying that they thought she was coming along well with her studies but that they thought she would benefit from more practical experience in the world. They laid down conditions of course. She was under no circumstances to visit family. She must study and practice her magic diligently, and use what she had learnt to assist the people of Ferelden. That she must be careful, not reckless, and use her magic with caution and seriousness. Edarith readily agreed, anxious to leave the Tower, even when they said that she would be met in Denerim by someone who would assist her in her travels.

Fate, or perhaps something darker, then took a hand. The final message sent by the Chantry some days before Edarith was to leave the Tower, telling the Chantry when she would leave, the name of the caravan she would travel to Denerim with, and when she should be met, never made it to Denerim. And so they sent her off blindly into the world. It was several weeks later when the situation came to light when a message arrived from the Chantry, asking when she would be travelling. An emergency meeting of the enchanters was called to discuss what was to be done and it was decided that while the Chantry should be informed, that enough time had passed and young Edarith needed to be found as swiftly as possible. Unfortunately it seemed that the only member of the templar garrison that could be spared was a young templar-in-training from Kirkwall named Daria Fiore. And so they charged Daria to find the abscondant mage before it was too late.

The caravan had made it to Denerim more than a week before Daria left for Denerim and its travellers had dispersed into the big city. Where had Edarith gone?

Edarith Taramarr

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