• Anastasia Kohl

    Anastasia Kohl

    Bad-ass casteless bitch. Hates Cockroaches. Doesn't look like much but she's got it where it counts.
  • Claus "Drakestooth" Rimmler

    Claus "Drakestooth" Rimmler

    A towering, gruff Navarran man with long sandy blonde hair. He has what amounts to half an armoury strapped about his waist and to his rucksack.
  • Daria fiore

    Daria fiore

    Templar trainee from the freemarches.
  • Edarith Taramarr

    Edarith Taramarr

    Edarith is a young lady from a minor noble family in Denerim. Skinny with long blonde hair that often falls over the left side of her face, covering one of her light blue eyes, she has a penchant for black clothes, heavy black makeup.
  • Remous Ar Domnall O Stormhold

    Remous Ar Domnall O Stormhold

    A firmly middle aged wizard lacking hair and patience in equal measure
  • Sarel Lemore

    Sarel Lemore

    Charming Elven rogue
  • Zevvy


    Lemore's Mabari warhound