Dragon Age

Chapter 3: Shadowmoss

The excited snipping of a monstrous crab now bearing down on the revolting helmet of soup was broken only by the hurried cry’s to take up arms against it, ignoring the arrows now attempting to pierce it’s shell, and the Mabari puppy gnashing at its face, the crab was at last forced to defend itself after the Orlesian Elf Lemore managed to up-end the hapless crustacean onto it’s back, the ensuing flaming assault to its shell and having a leg torn off during Zevvi’s vicious assault, the crab at last lurched back into the water from whence it came, unable it’s hunger unsatisfied.

At last, as the sun was lying low in the sky, little lights faded into view and begun to flit and a flicker between the long reeds in the direction of this little island in the swamp, A sad song began to swim its way through the swaying grass, followed by gentle sobs from out in the dark, As the fire sprites began to gather and dance around their repulsive offering, Lemore trudged through the mud to the source of tears, Dielza, the young sister to the deceased clown Olek, had been shadowing the party for days, only the song of the sprites causing her to break her silence.
There was hardly time for explanation before the sprites picked their time to dart off, deeper into the swamp, Remous kept up best he could, leading the party via a rope tied between Zevvi and Lemore, until eventually the sprites led the party to their doorstep, Ancient Tevinter ruins, After much confusion, and the Mabari seemingly trying to communicate the existence of a cave the group finally took the plunged and swum through a subterranean tunnel.

Their heads bursting through the cool sedimentary water, eyes adjusting to the light, when the a long slender form set itself out amongst the gloom, The discarded skin of a giant snake that slithered from the caves deeper in and begun it’s assault on the group, snatching up Zevvi in its coils and quickly casting the party into chaos, even with a war hound chewing into its side and Remous alternately burning and freezing it’s flesh, the snake showed no signs of slowing, it was only when the apparently absent trio of Anastasia, Dielza and Lemore announced their return with the crack of a large stone statue being toppled over, did the guardian finally meet its demise under the pulverising weight of the falling stone.

The defeated song of the sprites echoed hauntingly through the tunnels as the jubilant party surged forth, coming across a pit containing what could only be assumed to contain the remnants of the previous population to live here, a exalted bark was quickly followed by Zevvi dragging a piece of armour from the mound, although more interested in an attached sock, as the glint of a single golden crown caught Remous eye.

At last the final chamber was reached, and the shadow moss, which was finally revealed as being the fire sprites food source as well as being produced by the now dead guardian, was gathered up into a large sack, deciding it wasn’t enough, the group undertook the altogether thankless task of splitting open the guardian on the way out to take what little they could to add to their supplies.

Emerging from the water into the cool air of the swamp it quickly dawned on the party that they had no clear way of leaving the swamp, having first been led by the raven and now by fire-sprites, they begun the task of working their way through the swamp, they however were not alone, as the howl of swamp wolves pierced the night, the group readied arms around the boat as Remous began spreading some lantern oil over the surface of the water.

The fight was messy as three wolves were quickly set aflame, Remous was briefly taken out of the fight as Lemore unleashed a quarrel of arrows into the lupine aggressors, Dielza almost instantly regretted her efforts to bring the flagging Remous back into the world of the living as he spun and planted a large kiss on her bewildered self, the fight was ended in quick succession with a loud wet tearing sound from Zevvi’s direction and the crack of Lemore’s first against a wolfs disgruntled snout

Gathering their wits the party continued with their efforts to reach the village of Dosov.



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