Sothmere is nestled in a gentle valley between high hills, taking advantage of a creek that flows through it and peters out into a marsh to the southwest. (The creek extends all the way to the Sudrand River during the rainy summer season.)

Like all Southern settlements, Southmere is governed by a Sheriff, who acts more as a mayor than law-keeper. However, to protect the lands from the Chasind Raiders, a number of forts have been constructed by local Banns, who in turn assigns knights (in this case, Ser Vilem), to manage them.

One such temporary wooden fort built atop a high hill to the south watches over Sothmere. This wooden fort, dubbed “Fort Sothmere,” is manned by a dozen soldiers and led by Ser Vilem, a young knight.

Vilem does not sit within the heirarchy of Southmere. As the Freemen of Ferelden choose which Bann they follow, knights do they have the authority to order around the people (although most citizens would defer to them on military matters).

Sothmere has recently been affected by the planned construction of a newer, stone fort to replace the wooden Fort Sothmere, and it is the groundbreaking for the new fort that has been cause for recent celebrations.


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