Eddarith Taramar - War and Peace

The dream begins in an endless grey void with nothing in sight except Edarith, slightly in front of the dreamer who is looking over her left shoulder.

Nothing happens for a moment and then, suddenly, the Lamore is standing in the space in front of Edarith. Both the background behind Lamore and the ground he is stood on take on texture and detail although the detail in background is blurred and indistinct. Lemore is stood looking angrily at Edarith with his bow drawn and an arrow nocked, pointed directly at Edariths face. He is speaking, but it takes a moment for sound to manifest. When it does, he is shouting; repeatedly threatening to shoot her where she stands if she does not do as he says. The vision flickers out after a few seconds to be replaced by another one to the left. This time it is a vision of Daria angrily yelling, the floor a hard wood and the background indistinct beds. When the sound appears she is repeatedly yelling about about using magic on her without her consent, about her being a spoilt child. The vision flickers out and Edarith whirls round as another appears behind her, this time of Zevvy, looking at her with suspicion, a scrap of blackened leather boot dangling from his mouth. A low growl can be heard when the sound kicks in. The vision fades and Edarith whirls as another appears to her right. As she whirls, water drenches her and before her stands Lemore, Zevvy and Anastasia laughing nastily at her with Daria holding an empty bucket. The water continues to run down her, even as the vision fades, to be replaced with another nearby, this time of Daria saying crossly “I will baby sit you, I will never let you out of my sight!”. The grey around Edarith takes on the form of indistinct stone buildings in a dark and grimy city and the soaked Edarith begins to run to try and get away, but following behind, never out of sight Daria follows shouting. As Edarith turns a corner, Daria appears in front of her shouting. Eddy turns again and flees, the vision fading to be replaced with a vision of Anastasia, grinning as she slips her knife into a tired and hurt old man with fear in his eyes. She slides the knife out before stabbing again, and again, and again, her eye moving to lock with Edariths as she grins terrifyingly.

This vision fades, and another appears. They begin to repeat, getting faster, louder, ever more blurred together. Eddies eyes flick back and forward a look of growing panic on her face as he breath becomes shorter and sharper. Lemores voice changes, becoming deeper and more resonant. Her words becoming “I have might. I have the power to kill. I have power over you. I am right!”, Darias words become “I have might. I have the power to find you. I have the power to take you back. I am right!” Zevvys growl becomes deeper, more aggressive and threatening. Anastasias grin widens beyond what is possible, her face a rictus of pleasure as her stabs increase in their viciousness.

As the visions begin to blur and Eddies panic rises she slowly draws her wand and slides it in a soft, almost loving, caress across her suddenly bare left forearm, leaving a deep slice that wells with rich, dark crimson blood. She takes a short, sharp intake of breath as the wand slides again and again across her arm, but her breathing seems to slow a little and her eyes flicker as the sharp, clean, pain of the wounds momentarily drowns out the oppressive chaos of the the visions around her.

Finally, the dream shifts and suddenly, with Edariths eyes you look down at the blood running freely from her arm, then up at the spinning circle of visions that surround you, water dripping from your soaked hair, shivering slightly from the chill in the air. Before her two apparitions step through the chaos and, almost as on, they speak.

One is a dark, tall, hooded figure, misshapen and ominous with glowing amber coals in the depths of his hood. He speaks words in a deep seductive voice, echoing darkly from within the hood, “I have power. Power I can gift to you. Let me help you!”

The other is a youthful human female, dressed in a soft white and gold that is almost glowing. Her face is beautiful if a little indistinct, and filled with compassion. She speak in a soft and gentle voice that quiets the chaos behind her, “Calm down my child. Be still and quiet your mind. Let me help you!”

And with that the dream ends.

Eddarith Taramar - War and Peace

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