Sarel Lemore

Charming Elven rogue


Lemore is a lot blacker and more tattooed than his picture suggests, though he does have those startlingly blue eyes.


He has never mentioned his first name to anyone on the team.

Soon after he met Eddy and Annie, he also Bonded with an abandoned Mabari War Hound puppy he has dubbed ‘Zevran’, or ‘Zevvy’ for short.

Anastasia is the only one allowed to call him ‘Lee-Lee’, because – in his mind – she has attained the rank of sister. He calls her Annie in the same way. Even she does not know his real name.

He has a soft spot for orphans trying to feed their families, because he himself lives for his family, who he has not seen in years. This, rather than greed, is what keeps him money-hungry.

Sarel Lemore

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