Remous Ar Domnall O Stormhold

A firmly middle aged wizard lacking hair and patience in equal measure


Returning home

The sun shone on Remi’s face, the warm rays soaking into his skin, a sigh of happiness left his chest as he walked down the unfamiliar path, the small hut in front of him was not much to behold, he stopped before knocking on its meek wooden door and took a chance to straighten his robes, the door opened as he did so and a small woman filled but a quarter of the portals arch, defensively she spouted;" I dun’t care what cher selling, ahm sure it’z a wonderful marvel for all us simple folk to behold but I acertain t’you, whatever price you’re asking I won’t be affording."

With a slight grimace Remi begun his story, starting from the moment he was snatched from the hands of his family, tears filled the woman’s eyes instantly as realization dawned, the door slammed shut as Remi was led to the comfiest seat, he continued where he left off, giving the bare bones of his ascension up the ranks of the Circle, to his being allowed some time outside to visit his family, encouraging nods met his mention of promotion, and the occasional tutting when the incident with the scorching of an enchanters best robes was touched upon.

The sun was sinking when the conversation reached its end when the moment Remi had been dreading came, “ah suppose you’ll be running off back to yer high tower soon as y’can…I mean…son…you always have a home with me, you don’t need t’go back to em, there’s so much to catch you up on, your sisters are doin well, yer an uncle don’t cha know.”
Remi held up a solitary hand and with a mournful look upon his face, glanced up, to stare into his mother’s pleading eyes, his place was with the circle and to them he must always return, his mother glanced down a solitary tear tapping onto the cold floor, a small shudder passed through her small frame as her true, deep demonic voice was revealed.

“Congratulations Mage, you have learned an important lesson this day, Loyalty to the Circle is the only way you will ever be ensured of a safe path, bare this in mind always as you scuttle on back to those that hold your chains, and never forget that deepest in your heart of all, you must always fight desire.”

With that Remous awoke, his harrowing passed.

Remous Ar Domnall O Stormhold

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