Daria fiore

Templar trainee from the freemarches.


Under orders relayed by a fellow Templar in training, Daria make her way to the office of the Knight-Commander of the Lake Calenhad circle tower.

She knocks, and the voice of the Knight-Commander is heard, “Enter”
After pleasantries, the Knight Commander speaks,

“One of our mages has been sent out on Circle business, but never returned. We would prefer to avoid bloodshed, and we know that some of the more senior Templars can get a bit… overzealous… so we’re sending you.
While we understand it’s unorthodox, we don’t want to bring her in by force as we worry that’ll do more damage, and she seems like a very promising young student.
Make yourself known to the student, and present yourself as protection. You are to prevent her coming to harm. Is that understood, recruit?”

“understood knight-commander,” the recruit said, awaiting further information on her charge.

The man she recognized as the First Enchanter, standing to the side of the Knight-Commander’s desk, speaks, “Young lady. I understand there’s been some tension between you and some of the mages here. If I recall, there was recently a heated discussion with one of our enchanters, Remous, before he left on sabbatical. I was hesitant to send you out at all, with your training having happened mostly in Kirkwall…” he pauses and purses his lips, “but the Knight-Commander assures me that you can do this. I am putting my trust in you.”

Daria frowns slightly at the first enchanters remark before answering. “I can assure you my training has been perfectly acceptable in Kirkwall, It’s not my fault your rules are extremely lax from what I’m used to. I’ve been taught enough to handle one mage, and I hall prevent harm to her to the best of my ability.”

The Knight-Commander stands suddenly, and snaps, “Recruit!” – He pauses as [I imagine] you stand to attention, “The First Enchanter has been in his position for a number of years, and both myself and him discuss the rules and procedures on a regular basis! If you have a comment about how we work WITH mages, you bring them to me! Do I make myself clear?”

Daria jumps to attention as the knight-commander stands, and bites her tongue as he speaks, keeping any further comments on the matter to herself. “Understood. Ser.”

The Knight-Commander nods, seemingly satisfied that he’s pressed his opinions firmly. “Now, report to the quartermaster. He should be able to give you a set of leathers, and some equipment. Then go and talk to Owain, he should be able to supply you anything you will need to locate her.
If there’s nothing else… you’re dismissed, and good luck.”
As she turns to leave, “Oh… one final thing” the Knight-Commander says, “I expect weekly reports sent back here. The local chantries of wherever you might end up should be able to sort that out, if you give them the messages.”

the young Templar trainee gave a curt nod before bowing and preparing to leave, before stopping again. “ser, you’ve neglected to tell me the mage’s name.. or description.”

The First Enchanter speaks, “Well, seeing as you were so eager to tell ME how I should be running this circle, I thought you obviously knew everything!” He gives a small smile. “Her name is Edarith Taramar. A young girl, around 15 I believe, she wasn’t long in the Circle. Now, be aware that we may not ask you to bring her back for a little while. She needs to be more comfortable around Templars and, hopefully, soon, other mages too. We will let you know, based on your reports, when we want you to bring her back.”

Daria attempted to keep the flair of anger at the first enchanters comment off her face as she listened to his description. she gave another nod. “Understood, ser.” she said before finally leaving the office.

Fade to black

(All viewed from a first-person perspective)

Daira runs up the steps to her home in Lowtown Kirkwall, laughing happily, the surrounding around her seeming rather large, like looking from the height of a 14-year-old, as she pushes open the doors of her home into the first room. The scent of her mother’s cooking fills her nose from the stove, though she can’t see her parents yet.

“Mama? Papa?” she shouted, turning and pushing the door open to a side door, the scent of homely cooking quickly being replaced by a burning smell, the dark wood door opening to reveal two chard bodies, burnt and undoubtfuly dead on the floor, a large Rage Demon looming over the two bodies. She gives a scream of fear, Grief engulfing her at the sight of her parents, her eyes then wondered to the familiar scavenged staff on the floor near the creature, charred like the bodies, and extra wave of grief swamping the girl, only this time to towards the beast that had turned to her at her scream, it’s dead eyes centring on her, she turned and ran.

Fear drove her to run to the front door of the home, though as she pushed the door open it revealed another room like the one she just left. Chains of these rooms were all she found as the heat of the looming creature chasing her made her heart beat harder and her feet move faster, though it never seemed enough.

Finally in her frantic running her foot caught the frame of a door as she threw herself through it, screaming once again as she fell. She rolled over, looking up at the looming beast, it stopping over it, flecks of molten matter splattering onto her legs, she screamed once again and raised her arm in a futile attempt to lessen the incoming blow.
Moments later the dream faded as they awoke.

Daria fiore

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