Claus "Drakestooth" Rimmler

A towering, gruff Navarran man with long sandy blonde hair. He has what amounts to half an armoury strapped about his waist and to his rucksack.


Claus stands 6’2" tall, towering over the average Ferelden.
He has long blonde hair that reaches to his shoulder blades.
His eyes are blue.

He normally wears a cream Orlesion gambeson underneath his armour (currently an ornate steel suit of Ancient Tevene light chain, which has a beautifully engraved gorget and a pair of paldrons which resemble rampant dragons heads), in addition to a pair of blue pantaloons, ending in sturdy brown boots. His lower legs are covered by a matched set of greaves, strapped onto his boots). His leading (right) arm is covered by a pauldron-rerebrace-couter-vambrace-gauntlet ensemble which he uses in combination with a two handed sword swing to shoulder barge opponents.

Over the entire ensemble, he wears a green woollen cloak when the weather is bad or a grey and black surcoat if it is good.

On the occasions when Claus has reason to dine or otherwise socialise with his betters, he wears a fine white cotton and linen shirt, a red sash complete with a bronze pin shaped like a dragon, and a pair of pressed brown linen pantaloons.

He perpetually wears his “drake’s tooth” around his neck on a leather chord.

When going into a battle prepared, he primarily wields either his greatsword, “Broadpaw” (when fighting well armoured foes) or his long spear, “Long Tooth”, while strapping a buckler to his left arm. For more specific problems he also carries his short spear, “Sharp Fang”, 3 javelins (his “Nevarran Quills”) and the “Drake Harpoon” he designed himself.


Claus was born to the wealthy Rimmler family (historical dragon hunters and an offshoot of the Pentaghast clan) of the city of Nevarra. As younger sibling to his elder brother Einfer, he was spoiled from a young age, often being given whatever he desired simply because his parents felt bad that he would not inherit the family wealth.

Sometime later, soon after the wedding of Einfar to Gaelin Pentaghast (a granddaughter of the last king, niece to the current), Claus left to seek his fortune and to pursue rumours of his family’s ancient prey in this new age, the age of the dragon.

Claus "Drakestooth" Rimmler

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