Dragon Age

Chapter 1: The Chasind Attack

The start of the Adventure Blog

On entering the town of Sothmere, everything seemed fine aside from the weather. The rain didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits as the town engaged in a groundbreaking celebration to commemorate the start of building a new fort.

Lemore, Anastasia and Remi met one another, while enjoying the games and entertainments of the celebration, playing games of skill, or receiving fortunes from a teller in a small tent.

That all changed when the Chasind attacked.

Suddenly, there was screaming, running and fighting as yellow-skinned Chasind, mad with some sort of disease, burst into the celebration grounds. Killing many, biting others and giving them a sickness, they were stopped by the group and their skills.

Among the bitten were Anastasia herself, Dielza (a young elven thief befriended by Lemere), and the daughter of the sheriff of Sothmere itself.

In the aftermath, despite pressure to kill the infected from a local knight and blacksmith, the sheriff chose to send Lemore, Anastasia, Remi and Edarith, a young wandering Circle Mage, into the Korkari wilds to the South at the behest of a local elder, in search of a cure.

Setting out, they make their way South to the village of Wichford, a small settlement with a Ferry across a river in their way. Getting there, they discover that Sothmere was not the only place attacked by the diseased Chasind, as Wichford has been all but wiped out, and is now infested with blighted Bloodcrows.

After dealing with the crows, they hear a sound upstairs in one of Wichford’s buildings, and entering they discover a wounded man, nearly sick with the disease, who is able to inform them that a second group of Chasind exited the wilds this morning, heading along the road the group came from. Guessing that they must have skirted the Chasind, and that there simply isn’t time to deal with them, the group decide to put the wounded man out of his misery, on his request, and look South to the forests where they will find the cure…



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